SDN Switch

Turn generic white box devices into robust SDN switches. Simplify operations by allowing network devices to integrate into workloads with turnkey, agility and elasticity.        

Software Defined Networking allows you to create a network that can handle many services in a dynamic fashion, hence allowing you to consolidate multiple services under a common infrastructure.  It makes use of SDN Switch that interacts with the SDN controller to perform various functions.

The SDN controller determines if the packet should be forwarded or dropped.  It is the controller that  enables network administrators to dictate to the underlying systems like SDN switches and routers,  how the forwarding plane should handle network traffic. SDN switches can drop packets for flows that are not permitted by the controller.

 Architecture of Software Defined Network

The controller is the core element of an SDN switch architecture. It lies between the application layer at one end and network devices on the other. Any communication between the two (applications and network devices) is done through the controller. Special SDN switches are not required to implement SDN. Different SDN switch vendors have a unique take on how to implement SDN. SDN implementations can be enhanced by linking SDN software to the underlying network hardware.

Get Centralized and Programmable Network with SDN

We at, IP Fabrics offers numerous SDN benefits to the businesses that are trying to move into a virtual environment. SDN offers bandwidth on demand and control carrier links to request additional bandwidth whenever required. Enterprises can access network control and network monitoring when using SDN policies. The main function of SDN is to advance a software based approach to networking for more agile, scalable and innovative networks that can meet the overall IT objectives of the businesses. The SDN switch flow rules contain fields for elements such as source & destination MAC, Source & destination IP, source and destination and more.
SDN offers a centralized and programmable network that can dynamically provision so as to address the changing needs of businesses. And through SDN switching, you can enhance the performance and efficiency of your running business, enabling SDN switch hardware to interact with the controller.