QLogic 2700 Series

The QLogic® 2700 Series of Gen 6 (32Gb) Fibre Channel (FC) Adapters is a complete portfolio of single, dual and quad-port adapters, designed to accelerate mission-critical enterprise applications, build a highly resilient infrastructure and improve operational efficiency. QLogic Gen 6 FC technology provides the industry’s first 32Gbps adapter, delivering enhanced performance with up to 2.6 million IOPS (650K per port) and up to 24,000MBps of aggregate throughput, and providing unsurpassed reliability and resiliency. The 2700 Series Adapters provide advanced storage networking features, capable of supporting the most demanding virtualized and private cloud environments, while fully leveraging the capabilities of high-performance Gen 6 FC, all-flash arrays (AFAs), and demanding enterprise applications. The adapters support QLogic StorFusion™ technology, offering streamlined provisioning, in-depth diagnostics, guaranteed quality of service (QoS), and improved resiliency with in-built forward error correction (FEC). QLogic Gen 6 FC Adapters continue the tradition of providing complete port-level isolation with lower power and fewer CPU cycles while maintaining predictable and scalable performance across all ports.


QLogic 2690 Series

The QLogic® 2690 Series of Enhanced Gen 5 (16Gb) Fibre Channel (FC) Adapters is a complete portfolio of single, dual and quad-port adapters, designed for enterprise data centers that require the ultimate in FC performance, power efficiency, reliability, and investment protection for demanding virtualized and private cloud environments. These new Enhanced Gen 5 FC Adapters deliver the industry’s top FC performance with up to 2.6 million IOPS (up to 650K IOPS per port) with optimal load balancing and linear performance scalability per port. The QLogic port-isolation design provides independent data paths for each port, prevents errors and firmware crashes from propagating across all ports, and provides predictable and scalable performance across all ports. The QLogic 2690 Series Adapters support QLogic StorFusion™ technologyoffering comprehensive port diagnostics, rapid provisioning, and guaranteed performance service level agreements (SLAs) when used in conjunction with Brocade® Gen 5 FC Fabric. QLogic 2690 Series Adapters provide unmatched operational efficiency with up to 75% lower power per port compared to the competition for reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). They also leverage QLogic StarPower™ technology with dynamic and adaptive power management features to optimize power and thermal footprints in the data center. The QLE2694U is Gen 6 (32Gb) FC Ready, supporting field-upgradeability from 16Gb FC (16GFC) to 32GFC by simply changing the optics, ensuring long-term infrastructure investment protection.

QLogic 2670 Series

The QLogic 2670 Series Gen 5 (16Gb) Fibre Channel Adapters boast industry-leading native Fibre Channel performance—achieving dual-port, line-rate, 16Gbps Fibre Channel throughput—at extremely low CPU utilization with full hardware offloads. Gen 5 Fibre Channel resolves data center complexities by enabling a storage network infrastructure that supports powerful virtualization features, application-aware services, and simplified management. This provides a next generation storage networking infrastructure capable of supporting the most demanding virtualized and cloud-enabled environments while fully leveraging the capabilities of high-performance Gen 5 Fibre Channel and SSD storage. These features help reduced cost and complexity, while the unmatched 16 Gbps performance eliminates potential I/O bottlenecks in today’s powerful multiprocessor, multicore servers.

QLogic 1800 Series


The QLogic BR-1860 Fabric Adapter with Gen 5 Fibre Channel meets all the connectivity needs of cloud-enabled data centers while providing unmatched 16Gbps performance, application-aware services, unified management, and reduced cost and complexity. It is the simplest, most flexible, and most powerful server connectivity adapter designed to extend fabric services to Virtual Machines (VMs) and applications in highly demanding virtualized environments.


QLogic 2500 Series

The QLogic 2500 Series 8Gb Adapters are a part of QLogic’s industry-leading Fibre Channel technology portfolio. The adapters not only meet the needs of today’s demanding data center requirements by providing power and virtualization optimization, but also offer investment protection by being backwards compatible with previous generations of adapters, including 4Gb and 2Gb technology.

QLogic 800 Series


QLogic BR-815 and BR-825 8Gb Fibre Channel Adapters are server connectivity products with unmatched hardware capabilities and unique software features. These adapters are designed to help IT organizations deploy and manage end-to-end Storage Area Network (SAN) services across data centers.


QLogic 2400 Series


The QLogic 2400 Series 4Gb Adapters deliver unprecedented levels of performance, scalability, and reliability. The adapters offer unique networking functionality, including Intelligent Interleaved DMA (iiDMA), Dual Read DMA (DRDMA), and Overlapping Protection Domains (OPD). For virtualization at the Fibre Channel port level, QLogic 4Gb adapters support N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) by allowing multiple N_Port IDs to share the same physical Fibre Channel port.


QLogic 10000 Series


The QLogic 10000 Series 8Gb Fibre Channel Adapter is a ground-breaking enterprise-ready solution that combines QLogic's market-leading Fibre Channel adapter, intelligent caching and I/O management with connectivity to a server-based PCIe flash card to dramatically increase application performance. The QLogic FabricCache™ Adapter is a PCIe-based Fibre Channel Adapter that caches SAN data to accelerate server I/O access. The Adapter delivers accelerated caching offloads with adapter hardware, and provides shared caching for clustered, virtualized, and distributed workloads across the data center.