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Secure Access Service Edge, Open Cloud Platform -

Zonefire Open Cloud allows branches to securely connect in the cloud without requiring dedicated NGFW or SD-WAN devices at each branch site. Zonefire Open Cloud platform does not lock you into proprietary technology with lengthy term agreements.  Leveraging our flexible Software Defined model allows you to virtualize Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) services transparently from a designate on-prem' NGFW device for secure reallocation from the Cloud wherever Firewall services are required in your organization. 


Secure Access Service Edge, SASE , Palo Alto Alternative


Zonefire provides organizations the ability to utilize on-prem NGFW devices for all its available resources by securely extending NGFW services to any branch site or enterprise network segment from the cloud. With Zonefire, organizations can get the most out of their investments by effectively utilizing on-prem NGFW regardless of geographic location or network accessibility.  Zonefire is a catalyst for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), which according to Gartner will represent 40% of how users will access their applications and cloud resources by 2024.