HPE HC 380 Solutions 4 Node Cloud Small Kit Q0D52




The new HPE Hyper Converged 380 (HC 380) delivers a simple solution stack with extended flexibility and manageability. It builds on the powerful, industry standard HPE ProLiant DL 380 Gen9 server platform and is combined with VMware vSphere. Using the new HPE OneView User Experience (UX) to add full lifecycle management, VM provisioning and updates in a single pane of glass provides an unified, global experience. The HPE Hyper Converged 380 delivers a turn-key virtualization solution for medium-sized businesses, enterprises, and IaaS providers.  Designed from the ground up for the software-defined data center, the HC 380 enables a standardized approach to virtual server deployment, available in three workload configurations: General Virtualization, CloudSystem and a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

VDI is offered as a reference architecture. Unlike many hyper converged systems, the HC 380 can be customized at the time of order and will be ready for virtualized workloads in a few simple clicks. All hardware and software components are pre-installed and pre-integrated by at the factory. A quick customization using the HPE OneView User Experience (UX) software enables faster time to value unique to the HC 380. After the initial installation, IT administrators manage their virtualized environment within HPE OneView User Experience (UX) and VMware vCenter Server.


Key Features: 

• Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 Processor (Broadwell) support
• Heterogeneous Processor Support*
• All Flash Storage Blocks


Leverage IP FABRICS' Services for Microsoft Azure Stack:  

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Scalable HPE Hyper Converged 380 Product Information:  

• 2-node starter kit (appliance)
• Expandable in 1 node increments up to 16 total nodes
• Flexible pre-integrated Use Case choice points 
• HC 380 General Virtualization for development environments and Web/App servers 
• HC 380 with HPE CloudSystem
• HC 380 Virtual Desktop Integration (VDI) Persistent/non-persistent, graphics enabled
• Processor – Choice of Intel Xeon E5 processors
• Memory – 128GB to 1536GB
• Storage – 3.5 TB to 40.2 TB usable
• Graphics – selection by workload
• Network – 10Gb, 1Gb
• Power - Redundancy
• Virtualization Software and Licensing Compact form factor – A 2-node hyper converged computing system in a 4U form-factor with single 2U node expansions up to 16 total HPE Hyper Converged 380 nodes in a single cluster


• VMware vSphere
• Cloud System 9
• HPE OneView User Experience (UX) Easy to Install, use and upgrade
• Pre-integrated virtualization platform powered with VMware vSphere 6
• Data services from HPE StoreVirtual
• HPE OneView User Experience (UX) for full lifecycle management and monitoring
• VMware vCenter for day to day management Hardware Availability features
• Cluster expansion without downtime
• Hot-pluggable HDD and SSD
• Redundant power supplies
• Integrated storage controller with battery-backed cache
• HPE ProLiant Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) 4 Remote Management

• HPE Insight Remote Support delivers 24x7 secure remote support
• Product is customer-installable and partner-serviceable

IPFABRICS.NET is a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Authorized Channel Partner. HPE Care Pack Services are sold by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and IPFABRICS.NET . 

Pre-Configured HC 380 Solutions (Haswell CPUs):

3 Node VDI Small Kit (SKU# Q0D50A)
– CPU - 2650v3 CPU - 10 Cores
– Mem - 256 GB
– 10 GB Network Configuration
– 2 x 4.9TB Hybrid Write-Intensive Storage Kit
– Power Supply - 2 x 500W

3 Node VDI Medium Kit (SKU# Q0D51A)
– CPU - 2690v3 CPU - 12 Core
– Mem - 512 GB/node – 1536 GB Total
– 10 GB Network Configuration
– 2 x 4.9TB Hybrid Write-Intensive Storage Kit
– 1 x NVIDIA K1 GPU card
– Power Supply - 2 x 1400W

2 Node Virtualization Small Kit (SKU# Q0D47A)
– CPU - 2620v3 CPU - 6 Core
– Mem - 128 GB/node – 256GB Total
– 1 GB Network Configuration
– 1 x 3.48TB Hybrid Mixed-Use Storage Kit
– Power Supply - 2 x 500W

3 Node Virtualization Medium Kit (SKU# Q0D48A)
– CPU - 2640v3 CPU - 8 Core
– Mem - 256 GB/node – 768GB Total
– 10 GB Network Configuration
– 2 x 3.48TB Hybrid Mixed-Use Storage Kit
– Power Supply - 2 x 800W

4 Node Virtualization Full Kit (SKU# Q0D49A)
– CPU - 2680v3 CPU - 12 Core
– Mem - 384 GB/node – 1.5TB Total
– 10 GB Network Configuration
– 3 x 3.48TB Hybrid Mixed-Use Storage Kit
– Power Supply - 2 x 800W

4 Node Cloud Small Kit (SKU# Q0D52A)
– CPU - 2680v3 CPU - 12 Core
– Mem - 256 GB/node -
– 10 GB Network Configuration
– 2 x 4.9TB Hybrid Mixed-Use Storage Kit
– Hellion CloudSystem Enterprise 1 year
– Power Supply - 2 x 800W

Base Configuration (choose one of the following configurable models)

HPE HC 380 Cluster Appliance (Node) P9D74A
HPE HC 380 General Virtualization Software P9D74A#001
HPE HC 380 VDI Software P9D74A#002
HPE HC 380 Cloud Software P9D74A#003

Expansion Node
HPE HC 380 Cluster Appliance (Node) P9D74A
HPE HC 380 General Virtualization Node Expansion P9D74A#101
HPE HC 380 VDI Node Expansion P9D74A#102
HPE HC 380 Cloud Node Expansion P9D74A#103