Platforms 1YR 3YR 5YR
1G $999 CL-LIC-1G-1YR
$1,149 CL-LIC-1G-3YR
$1,299 CL-LIC-1G-5YR
10G $2,599 CL-LIC-10G-1YR
$3,129 CL-LIC-10G-3YR
$3,399 CL-LIC-10G-5YR
40G $3,599 CL-LIC-40G-1YR
$4,179 CL-LIC-40G-3YR
$4,499 CL-LIC-40G-5YR
100G $4,699 CL-LIC-100G-1YR $5,299 CL-LIC-100G-3YR $5,699 CL-LIC-100G-5YR


Support Plans

Cumulus Linux is sold on a perpetual-license model. That perpetual model includes support and maintenance of the software in addition to the license rights. As long as you have an active perpetual license with Cumulus Networks you'll have access to a range of support options; contact us regarding how to activate your perpetual license. While Cumulus Networks provides end-to-end support on Cumulus Linux we also provide advanced hardware support on a range of our supported hardware platforms. To give customers the flexibility to pick the right support options on the hardware and software, support packages as follows:

Software Support

Support for Cumulus Linux comes bundled with the license to use the software. Terms of use can be on an annual, 3 or 5 year basis. Cumulus provides 24/7 support, including weekends and holidays:

  • 24/7 access to the Cumulus Networks online support tools.
  • Access to support personnel 24/7.
  • 24/7 access to downloads and software updates.

Hardware Support Options

Cumulus Networks relies on hardware vendors to provide standard RMA services. Cumulus Networks will always work closely with both the hardware vendor and the customer to ensure a successful RMA. It should also be noted that Cumulus Linux licenses are transferable between hardware platforms; therefore, customers can implement a sparing policy for immediate response and resolution. If a hardware device fails, IP FABRICS can help get a new device up and running faster than most same day service parts replacement plans. All hardware sourced from IP FABRICS is bundled with a limited lifetime NBD, next business day, service plan at no additional charge.  Service uplifts ranging from onsite sparing to onsite 4HR parts only are available through a tailored IP FABRICS support plan; contact us for more detail. 

Severity Levels and Service Level Agreement (SLA)

All cases are prioritized according by Cumulus Linus based on severity and based on industry-standard definitions. Four levels are offered—Severity 1 through Severity 4. In addition, a Severity 5 for issues that fall outside of normal support scope of coverage. During troubleshooting, priority can be either upgraded or downgraded at the customer’s request.




Severity 1 (Urgent)

A Severity 1 problem is a catastrophic problem that may severely impact the customer’s ability to conduct business. This may mean that the customer’s systems and/or product are down or not functioning and no procedural workaround exists.

30 minutes

Severity 2 (High)

A Severity 2 problem is a high-impact problem in which the customer’s operation is disrupted but there is capacity to remain productive and maintain necessary business-level operations.

2 hours

Severity 3 (Normal)

A Severity 3 problem is a medium-to-low impact problem that involves partial loss of non-critical functionality. The Problem impairs some operations but allows the customer to continue to function.

8 business hours

Severity 4 (Low)

This service level has minimal system impact, and usually amounts to feature requests and other noncritical questions.

12 business hours

Severity 5 (Other)

This service level is for issues and request that fall outside of normal scope of support coverage

As mutually agreed