Arista Aggregation 7500r Series SDN Switch

System Comparisons:

Available in a compact system design, as a choice of 12, 8 and 4 slot, the Arista 7500R Series enables a full range of wirespeed ports from 1G to 100G. It lowers total cost of ownership as it is designed to be efficient with power per port as low as 25W per 100GbE port which combined with front to rear cooling to optimize the data center environment produces the most reliable, dense and power efficient modular switch.



System Performance
7508 Specifications
7508 Specifications
7504 Specifications
Description Delivers the highest density, lowest power, and fastest Ethernet switching system. Delivers high density, low power non-blocking Ethernet switching system. Seven rack units of awesomeness, optimum form-factor for many mid-size deployments.
Switching Capacity 115Tbps 75Tbps 38Tbps
Linecard Capacity 9.6 Tbps 9.6 Tbps 9.6 Tbps
10GbE Interfaces 1,728 1,152 576
25GbE Interfaces 1,728 1,152 576
40GbE Interfaces 432 288 144
50GbE Interfaces 864 576 288
100GbE Interfaces 432 288 144
Forwarding Rate 51 Bpps 34.5 Bpps 17.3 Bpps
Total Buffer 288GB 192GB 96GB
Rack Units 18 13 7
Maximum Power Draw 12,824W 8,586W 4,978W
Airflow Front to Rear Front to Rear Front to Rear

The 7500R modular chassis can accommodate any combination of the 7500E line cards or 7500R line cards providing a rich choice of density and speed:

7500R Line Cards Comparison:

The 7500R Series offer a broad choice of line cards with a choice of speed and density options up to 36 ports of wire speed 100GbE and 40GbE. Every 100GbE interface supports a choice of 5 speeds including 25GbE and 50GbE providing unparalleled flexibility and the ability to seamlessly transition data centers to the next generation of Ethernet performance.

7508 Specifications
7508 Specifications
7504 Specifications
Ports 36 x 100G QSFP 30 x 40G / 6 x 100G 48x 10G and 2x 100G
Max 100GbE 36 6 2
Max 50GbE 72 12 4
Max 40GbE 36 36 2
Max 25GbE 144 24 8
Max 10GbE 144 96 56 (48+8)
Port Buffer 24GB 8GB 4GB
Switching Capacity 3.6 Tbps 1.8 Tbps 680 Gbps
Forwarding Rate 4.32 Bpps 1.4 Bpps 720 Mpps

Combined with the highly modular, robust Extensible Operating System (EOS), a dynamic smart deep buffer architecture with virtual output queuing for lossless forwarding, low latency and wire speed performance, the Arista 7500R line cards enable scalable and high performance data center solutions.


Each 7500R Series line card delivers a consistent set of features supporting layer 2 and layer 3 data center designs with predictable and linear scaling. Arista's FlexRoute Engine enables full Internet routing coupled with support for a variety of IP/MPLS/VxLAN protocols.

  7500R Linecards
Latency Under 3.5usec
MAC Table Size 768K
Maximum IPv4 Host Routes 768K
Maximum IPv6 Host Routes 768K
Maximum ACL Entries 24K
Maximum IPv4 Route Prefixes Over 1M
Maximum IPv6 Route Prefixes 768K
Maximum Multicast Routes 768K
Maximum ECMP 128-way