Open Networking Switches


Cumulus Linux is the first true Linux OS for networking gear. Users can take full advantage of the latest industry standard networking hardware while enabling the latest Linux applications and automation tools, delivering new levels of agility, scalability and flexibility to the enterprise data center.

Finally, the networking operating system is an enabler. Instead of being constrained to a particular platform and feature set, the operating system is abstracted from the hardware layer and provides the foundation for a rich application ecosystem. Innovations cycles can now be on par with software and application cycles. Users can choose from a number of native Linux applications, integrate third party open source and commercial applications as add-on Linux packages, and even build their own applications to optimize business.

Cumulus Linux brings about the missing piece to fuel the next wave of scale, collaboration and innovation in networking, realizing the full extent of a Software Defined Data Center. 

Unlike OpenDaylight, commonly known as ODL switch, which is a MD-SAL based implementation, and optimizes how the packets will be forwarded. The ODL switch makes use of several important tools like Java interfaces, which are used for forming patterns, specifications and event listening. On the other hand, Maven is used for easier build automation. The OSGi framework allows dynamically loading bundles and packaged jar files. The ODL Switch also contains ‘Karaf’, a small OSG- based runtime, which offers a lightweight container for loading different modules.