Are SDN Switches All The Hype?

July 28, 2015


If you are an IT decision maker and are looking to refresh or expand a Data Center to coincide with an ESXi or Filer upgrade then one must not miscalculate the need for SDN. In all cases, the SDN switch must have the   built-in ability to provide extension to VMware's NSX and the SDN switch must have native integration with orchestration tools like Puppet and Chef. 

Many networking companies are attempting to garner leadership position in what is the next big thing in networking, SDN. Many in IT have discovered that SDN switching can get tricky especially in the midst of tech companies battling for market share. The promise of SDN has forced many tech companies to rush product development with point products that are incomplete and lacking of full SDN capability. This makes it all the more confusing when navigating the ocean of SDN and when upgrading to a 10GbE / 40GbE data center to support corporate initiatives. 

Does that mean whitebox, brite-box, an sdnswitch open flow or open networking is the right choice?  No, not necessarily. There still remains a lack of SDN uniformity and completeness in the industry between technology companies making selection of an sdn switch key. 

We at IP FABRICS have learned that the best way to leverage an sdnswitch,  whitebox swtich or open networking is through the robust and proven power of Cumulus Linux.  Cumulus Linux allows an sdn switch administrator to drastically simplify operations and to reduce time-to-deployment of an sdn switch or whitebox switch by leveraging the native power of Linux and a vast array of familiar flexible Linux based tools used day in and day out.      

Tech Team  @ IP FABRICS
Tech Team @ IP FABRICS


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