$10 / MO SASE Client as a Service

Next-Gen Cyber Protection that comes to you

Download our INSTANT SASE Windows10 Client and get immediate SASE protection. INSTANT SASE allows Professional and Home Office users to harness Fortune 500 protection at an affordable rock bottom price.  Includes VPN 2.0 for private and anonymous internet usage. The bad guys are hard at work changing their tactics and are now targeting small businesses and professional users at home via their home internet. Attackers are targeting the home user space like never before and easily get access to game devices, web cameras and basic home internet devices. 



Proactive Ransomware Blocker:

Reduce the attack surface attackers use and prevent known threats while proactively identifying and blocking unknown threats. Keep the bad guys out!

Dark Web and Rouge Site Stopper

Prevent your private and sensitive data from getting on the Dark Web. Enable safe use of the internet by preventing access to known and new malicious websites.



Zero Day Malware/Spyware Detonator

Detect and analyze unknown threats in files and URLs. New files are submitted, detonated, analyzed and searched for malicious behavior before they are dowloaded to your device.


Advanced Threat Prevention

Get "always on" protection from advanced threats by identifying and scanning all traffic – applications, users, and content – across all ports and protocols.


Private VPN Service 2.0

Get Private VPN Service 2.0. Identity based VPN built on Secure Access Service Edge / SASE technology that Fortune 500 companies use to protect their employees and digital assets.



                                         INSTANT SASE for Windows10


Cyber Security that comes to you: Get the industrial grade security used by Fortune 500 companies for your Windows 10 client. Wherever you go, keep the bad guys out!


                                         INSTANT SASE for 35 Endpoints



Cyber Security for All Your Home Devices: Alexa & Google Smart Speakers, Video Doorbells, Security Web Cameras, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, iPhone/iPad, Droid, Smart Appliances - any connected device.


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