1/6th the Price | FWaaS from Palo Alto, Cisco, or Fortigate vs. SASE Client as a Service

Finally a new era of cost savings and practicality.  Next-Gen Cyber Protection that comes to you replaces traditional on-premise FW & FWaaS deployments.  Take advantage of Next-Gen Cyber Protection while drastically reducing your deployment and recurring costs.  Next-Gen Cyber Protection is a core component of a new era in endpoint security and is now delivered to our clients. Our INSTANT SASE with Next-Gen Cyber protection supersedes NGFW's and associated managed service offerings.  INSTANT SASE provides consumers more flexibility and better economics compared to using legacy Firewalls, SD WAN equipment or an associated managed service.


  • 1/6th the cost of traditional FWaaS & On-premise FW deployments
  • Offload & Enhance AWS & Azure Security Functions and significantly lower your recurring cost
  • A Gartner Secure Access Service Edge based architecture that unifies Network  & Security operations
  • Adaptable SINC or SASE Ingress Node Connector service that supports Remote Workers and your Work from Anywhere / Branch Office initiatives
  • Use existing Dashboards & GUI's for consistent administration and control
  • Consolidated and intuitive Cloud Managed WiFi Services
  • Built-in Zero Touch Provision for hassle free plug & play deployments
  • Data Collection and Analytics with 180-day retention

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Next-Gen Cyber Protection that comes to you with optional Cloud Managed WiFi Services are an affordable and practical replacement to traditional FWaaS, Workforce Cloud Security and on-premises NGFW deployments.  bitcee is an intuitive way to harness the immediate benefits of Gartner's Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) implementation when supporting a Work from Anywhere / WFA or Remote Worker initiative.  Seamless integration with existing infrastructure while transitioning remote workers and branch offices to Cloud Delivered Next Generation Security can be implemented on your terms. Start with a client at a time or integrate a Small Office Home Office / SOHO or branch site using our SASE Ingress Node Connector or SINC . Transparently integrate and fully utilize your existing Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, Check Point or Fortinet while harnessing a new era of cost savings and practicality : SASE on your terms.




INSTANT SASE for Windows10


Cyber Security that comes to you: Get the industrial grade security used by Fortune 500 companies for your Windows 10 client. Wherever you go, keep the bad guys out!

INSTANT SASE for 35 Endpoints

Cyber Security for Your Connected Devices: Alexa & Google Smart Speakers, Digital Doorbells, Security Web Cameras, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, iPhone/iPad, Droid, Smart Appliances - any connected device.

Tech Team  @ IP FABRICS
Tech Team @ IP FABRICS